London Bridge Station - A Bright Future With LED Lighting

Tower Bridge LED

It’s nice to see a practical application of LED lighting sometimes. We talk so much about the practical applications of them that we forget to actually look around for examples of where technology has worked. Thankfully, that’s not the case when it comes to London Bridge Station, which has recently been updated and overhauled. We're going to be taking a look at the application of this technology, and how it can help you in the way it’s been useful here.

The Benefits For London Bridge Station

An LED System has been chosen to be used at London Bridge Station and has been designed to be used on all of the platforms and various areas. The lights have been completed in the past week, and there’s now a new set of LED systems in place. This marks another good example of the practical applications of LED lights, and how they’ve made their way into mainstream usage.

But Why Have They Been Chosen?

As good as the LED lights are, not everyone is entirely sure why the lights have been chosen for use in the first place. People who are familiar with LED lights, however, will know exactly why the systems have been chosen. There is an element of aesthetic appeal in this instance, as the chosen lights have a very slim and streamlined design. However, the main benefits of LED lights are still what sold them. They’re high powered and extremely capable. Coupled with a long lifespan, this makes them ideal for governments and businesses because they’re cheap and easy to use. In a lot of cases, it’s easy to just plug them in and forget. Plus, what’s great about LED lights is that they’re very energy efficient. When companies and entities need to keep up the image of being environmentally friendly, they can use LED lighting to facilitate this.

What Does This Mean For LED’s?

Perhaps what’s best about this development is that it represents the acceptance of the LED. A lot of places and people still use filament bulbs and haven’t yet made the change to LED’s. However, it’s hoped that now people will see LED’s at work on a wide scale, and this will prompt them to start implementing the bulbs into their own systems. We should hopefully start to see a rise in the usage of the LED now.

Overall, now that the London Bridge Station is up and running with LED lights, the future looks pretty bright indeed. It’s a beneficial solution for both parties - the stations are well lit, and at the same time LED lights are promoted more and more. Truly, this is something which will be of great benefit to LED’s, because it shows versatility. It may be true that people use them for commercial properties like warehouses and shops, but now there’s another place for them. People will see them providing a superior quality of light, and this will translate to further usage of the lights.



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