LED Lights - How Long Do They Live?


Now, it’s pretty obvious by now that if you choose to get an LED lighting system for your commercial property, you’ve got lighting sorted for a good long while. If there’s one truth about LED’s, it’s that they’re plenty powerful and have a lot of benefits to them. However, not everyone knows one important detail. How long do they last? We’re going to be taking a look at how long that actually is here and now.


So, What’s The Lifespan Of An LED Bulb? 


Now that depends an awful lot on which LED bulb you’re actually referring to. You see, each bulb has a different lifespan according to its design and strength. Think of it like this. Within any kind of good or service, there exists a spectrum. Those products comprised of weaker materials, and those which were made of higher quality materials. While the standard for LED bulbs is overall higher, that spectrum still exists.


To begin with, let’s establish a few quick statistics and ground rules. The average lifespan of an LED light is around 5-10 years. Even at the lower end of the scale, this still far exceeds the lifespan of say, a filament bulb. Obviously, the higher quality of the materials that you have, the longer lifespan the bulb has. 


Is This Important?


As it stands, it’s the lifespan does have a lot of bearing on the value of the bulb and its true importance. One of the main advantages to having an LED bulb has always been the fact that you can just plug it in and walk away. The long lifespan means that you won’t be forever changing a bulb. This is better for you in terms of both convenience and costs. Having a bulb with a longer lifespan is, therefore, a good thing. You don’t have to worry as much about the number of times you have to swap it in, and you also won’t be paying as much to get a whole new set of bulbs for your business. This is something that will obviously make businesses much happier.


Overall, the lifespan of an LED bulb is very long indeed. That’s what made the LED such a popular choice among people. Filament bulbs all had the same problem. They were short, had a limited efficiency, and would always run out when you didn’t want them too. However, an LED bulb won’t do that. They’re not as prone to failing and falling apart, and they have a much longer lifespan. This makes them much more desirable in the eyes of business owners. A lot of owning a business is making sure that you save wherever possible. You never know when an unfortunate accident or problem could cost you a lot of money, so you’ve got to be ready to deal with anything you come across. Part of doing this is making sure that you save money wherever possible. This is accomplished by bringing down costs and making sure that you’ve considered having the right equipment, such as LED bulbs. 



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