A Top Lighting Solution From Down Under


We’re always looking for news about LEDs because it shows progress. It means that these lights aren’t fading into the background - they’re getting more and more common every day. In Australia, that certainly seems to be the case, so let’s take a look at what they’re doing to make the transition to a more environmentally friendly and efficient bulb.


So What’s Going On In Australia?


The current government is leaning towards a more environmentally friendly way of creating lighting. To do this, they’ve begun to make the transition from halogen bulbs into better varieties, such as the LED. An LED bulb uses up to 4x the energy that an LED does, so they’re really not as efficient.


However, a ban has recently come into place in Australia which prohibits these halogen bulbs completely. This means that they’re no longer allowed to be sold in the country, and have to be phased out by 2020. While this is just a requirement, it is expected that in reality they’ll be basically forgotten within six to twelve months. This is because the LED is so much more useful and long lasting, so there’s no real danger that they’ll run out or become useless.


When you consider all of the different advantages of LEDs, you can see exactly why they’re so highly valued by so many people across the world. They’re so much more efficient than halogen or filament bulbs. They can provide the same level of light for a space, and only use on average half of the energy. This means that they’re very useful for places who want to cut down on costs. Because they also have a long lifespan, you don’t have to worry about changing them over and swapping them out. This makes them the far superior option for anyone who wants to have a bulb that they can just install and forget about. Something else that you have to know about LED bulbs is that they don’t use anywhere near as much energy producing waste, which is a major departure from older bulbs that produced waste heat and sound energy. This helps to make the LED the obvious choice for anyone who is trying to conserve their budget and also protect the environment.


Overall, this recent change in Australia is hopefully the beginning of change all across the world. A lot of places have already started to recognise the benefits which come from having LED lights in their premises. This is because all of the devices have such enhanced capabilities that they’ve rendered most other forms of bulbs obsolete. The LED is something which is growing in popularity and scale. It’s got a lot of attributes and characteristics which make them good choices for things like warehouses, shops and other commercial buildings. It’s clear to anyone that they’re becoming the best way for people to provide light to the spaces they use on a daily basis. 

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